• Set your objectives

    Creating and writing objectives couldn’t be easier. Use it for people, clients & business plans. The software has an amazingly simple interface and encourages people to write effective objectives, in line with business goals.

  • Share progress

    Keep objectives alive by adding real–time updates. Share these updates with your colleagues to inspire them and spark new ideas. Keep a track of progress and achievements.

  • Make connections

    Use the software to view other people’s goals and help you to make connections within your business. Share ideas and develop common objectives to find new relationships while nurturing your existing ones.

  • Follow your colleagues

    Get instant updates on shared goals every time a colleague adds a progress report. Follow each other’s activities to create communities based on shared objectives.

  • Manage client portfolio

    Get the most out of your client relationships. Manage a whole portfolio of key clients at a click of a button, without wading through endless emails or piles of paper.

  • Set client objectives

    Show your clients exactly how you intend to meet their objectives in the most transparent way possible. Focus on client needs by aligning the entire team behind their objectives.

  • Align your strategy

    Use the software to ensure individual goals are perfectly in tune with your strategy. Track each goal to its outcome.

  • Manage your team

    Measure and improve both individual and team performance in the easiest way possible. Reward people and teams based purely on their performance.

Why use ObjectiveManager?

A measured performance

Instant access to what’s going on in your business

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